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St. Augustine Academy Floridablanca Pampanga

Class of 76 Reunion Pictures

2007 Reunion
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Town Fiesta - May 2007
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Pictures From The Past Part I
Pictures From the Past Part II
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St. Augustine Silver Jubilee Celebration with SAA class of 76! Joas Chavez provided the pictures and links to his personal album! Thanks for the contribution!

When you click on the pictures below, you will be transported to the Nikonnet Photo Site order to view LARGER pictures follow the instruction listed below:

- Open the Album
- Click on Slideshow
- Click on Run Slideshow (Another window will pop-up)
- From Slideshow window click on Photosize
- Click on Original size

Garden Resort

Click on Picture to view Album

The Parade

Click on Photo to view Album

Class of 76 - Batch Pictures

Click on Photo to view Album

Pre-Party & Church

Click on Photo to view Album

Class of 76 - Elementary Pictures

Click on Photo to view Album